Monday, February 28, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 14

Day 14 - Favorite male character:

Oh snap.

This is a little difficult for me to answer! 

I feel like if I dont say my Duke boys, I'm being treacherous :-|

But I feel like Bo & Luke are characters that compliment each other, not necessarily stand on their own as being great.  Same goes with Boss Hogg and Roscoe ....they each play off of each other so well, it's kinda wrong to put one above the other. 

So I'm looking for a male character that is able to stand out on their own....that is able to evoke emotions from their viewers. 

Okay maybe thats too deep for this question. A character doesnt have to be deep to be great after all. 

This is unfair. I have several fave male characters. 


Favorite Male Character:

Dexter Morgan from "Dexter"

He's works as a blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. He is also a serial killer

A serial killer with a Code. He only kills other killers. But dont think he's being noble or anything, Dexter is a complex person. He doesnt do it to right wrongs (though maybe its part of the reason) but he does it to satisfy his need and drive to kill. Dexter really does have a mental illness like ALL serial killers. It goes back to a something traumatic that happened in his childhood. He is a dark character, that we should be disgusted by...yet, I root for him. I want to see him murder those other sick and twisted people that has slipped through the cracks of society. Maybe that says something about who I am as a person. Rooting for a murderer to murder another murderer. But truth be told, something about what he does is totally justifiable. Plus, he's a character that you cant help not to love. I give this credit to Michael C. Hall. I've read some of the books, and the character just isnt as likable in the books as on the show. Although the books are much more darker the show too, but anyways....So yeah I def. gotta say Dexter is my favorite male character. He's a character that's extremely complex and well written. A character that will make you analyze your own psyche and that's so well portrayed by Michael C. Hall , that you cant help but to connect to the character on a a certain level. A character that happens to be a serial killer. That is greatness.


Archie Bunker from "All in the Family"
Al Bundy from "Married...with Children"
Adrian Monk from "Monk"

LOL I know all these character's are totally different from one another, but all awesome in their own way ;)

And Yup, I totally over thought this one! :-P

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