Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show:

Home Improvement!!
I had a major crush on Jonathon Taylor Thomas back then.

Ohhh JTT, how I loved him <3 


Seriously though, it's still my all time fave sitcom

Tim Allen as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor is about as good as it gets! =)


  1. I remember this show being on the air. How could I forget? My cousin Amber ALSO had an epic crush on JTT. Oi vei, I can remember the abbreviation too? :-/ LoL

    I thought the show was cute. Never really got into it as much as my cousin and her mum (my mum's sister). I always thought it was both cool and tedious that the neighbors face was hidden for the whole series :p.

    The only thing I find sad is that the guy on the right with the beard now does infomercials; that's life I guess though.

  2. LOL I actually loved the gimmick of never seeing Wilson's face :-P The man that played Wilson, Earl Hindman, died of lung cancer a few years after the show went off the air. It's a show I would love to see have a reunion, but then again, I just dont think it would be the same without Wilson on there =/ I doubt they'll ever have a reunion anyway. But anyways, they finally showed his full face on the series finale. (I actually cried during the finale lol!)

    Rich Karn (Al) was actually the host of Family Feud for a little while, but all of a sudden he showed up doing tv commercials. It seems unfair that some people who deserve success end up like that, while people like Snookie become famous for no damn reason at all.

  3. That's a sad thing about the guy who played Wilson. I've heard a lot of things about cancer and it's horrible :(.

    I think I remember the episode you're talking about. I didn't watch the show much, but I think i've seen the scene where you can see his face, not sure. They showcased it on vh1, I think. I do remember when he came running out revealing his face on the finale, though.