Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving:

This is probably gonna surprise some people cause it's a show I talk about a lot, but "Six Feet Under"

I was in my early teens when the show first premiered and my mom used to love it. I can remember being on the computer in the other room when it came on, and I'd be like..."Wth are you watching?! That music is uber stupid."
Then I think one of the first scenes I ever saw was a gay scene of two guys making out...and I was thanks.

LOL I've never been homophobic or anything, but still...I was only 14...two guys making out wasnt my cup of tea.  

But my mother loved it and she was convicned that if I watched it that I would too.

Anyways, I think I finally started watching it somewhere towards the end of the second season and I feel in love with it! So much in love that it became one of my all time favorite shows, the gay couple that first weirded me out became my faves in the show (David and Keith) , and  I cried like a baby...or bawled like a  baby...during the series finale. 

I recenctly purchased the entire dvd box set via and been watching a disc every night. I'm up to the final season now. It's been great getting to relive life with the Fisher's all over again. I'm also getting to see a few things I missed during season two (I had previously watched season one on VHS) and there was a lot of things I had totally forgot about. 

I am so glad that I got over my initial reluctance to watch it...because it truly is one of the best, most original series ever made.


  1. guys making out on six feet under???? *andrew moves so fast that his computer chair gets knocked over and all can be heard is the sound of keys, a door slamming and a car starting up.*

  2. LOL!!!! In the picture above, it's the two at the end! It's crazy looking back how it weirded me out, cause now they are probably in my top 10 of all time fave tv couples. They had one hell of a relationship though..but everybody on that show had a dysfunctional relationship. The show is about dysfunctional people in general lol!!

  3. well i was hoping for the first guy and then the guy with the brown shirt as the couple :p. When you're that young, the weirdest things can weird ya out. I know I was weirded out by gay couples at first, but then one day, I saw two guys holding hands and I thought it was the most beautiful thing i'd ever seen. :-)

  4. Heh, the first guy is Rico. He's the mortician and at first works for them, before he becomes a partner. The guy in the brown shirt is Nate...he is pretty much the main character. He isnt gay, but he has some pretty good straight sex scenes if ya know what I mean :D

    Rico actually starts off the show as bit of a homophobic himself, but slowly comes around once David tell him he is gay..which is pretty damn funny and awkward...insert foot in mouth Rico! But David is pretty much in the closet during most of the first season. He struggling internally being gay...he was raised Christian and he pretty much feels like he is going to burn in hell. It's interesting watching his character development over time.

  5. Sounds like an interesting show. Never watched it though so i'm slightly disappointed in myself :p.

    Yes, character development is really interesting. I am thinking of getting a cheap laptop just for internet and typing up stories and poetry etc. nothing too fancy for like programs or anything.

    I want to work on my book but the route i've been going never works :p. Normally, i start the story with the ending in mind. perhaps I should just start writing and see where it takes me? :p

  6. You should try to watch it if you ever get a chance.

    I've always wanted to write a book myself. I just cant think of anything to write about. I wish I was one of those people thats full of ideas, but sadly I'm not =/

    Whenever I write poetry, I do it the old fashioned way and keep them in a notebook lol

    But yea, just start writing and see where it goes.

  7. I recently printed off so much of my poetry. There's still about 4 or 5 I have to locate, but my condolences to the tree family LoL! I counted nearly 60 poems after I was done. :p. I have failed my tree-hugger self :p jk.

    I think I saw that you can get an E-Machine laptop for about $199. not sure if I wanna go that route or not. I have been wanting to write my book because this idea of a gay love story with a surprising ending has been burning in my mind for years. It's evolved over the years of course, but the problem is how I get from point a to point c. Point b (metaphorically) is so hard to get through because I have the beginning, in parts, i have the ending in entirety but I don't know how to find a logical way to get there. :p.

  8. Sounds like a really interesting story! Now I'm wondering about surprise endings lol!! I'm curious :) Hopefully it will all come together for you soon, but I totally understand what you mean about point A to C.

  9. I've been writing poetry since I was in 8th grade, so about 9 years. I was 14 at that time; admittedly, I lost most of the poetry from that time (if I haven't already told you that :p) but i'm not sad because I found one or two at one time and wanted to burn them!! :p.

    Well, eventually, i wanted to graduate myself to short stories, but i've never been much for short stories, so I figured, take an idea and see where it goes. Just found out my taxes should be here in 2 weeks so i'll be looking into a simple laptop soon, maybe.

  10. Oh dang thats about when I started writing! I first started out as writing "songs" but they all sucked, so I moved on to trying poetry. I still have all mine, but they arent worth showing anybody =/

    I've only wrote stories when I had to for school, which wasnt a lot. Its something I wish I could get more into. I just dont have that great of an imagination :(

  11. I still write some crappy stuff LoL. Sometimes I focus too much on making it rhyme, and it just ... yea ... not working. LoL. I wouldn't say that what I write is exactly worth showing anybody, but a part of me wants to get them all legally copyrighted, get a lawyer so when I try to publish them, I don't get screwed by a guy who says he's gonna publish them, but them publishes them as his works and puts his name on them. I KNOW it"s a rare thing if it does happen, BUT better safe than sorry :-/ especially in this world today.

    Most of my poetry could be called from the heart, but some I realize, may not be comprehensible unless i explain it. Others, I felt didn't need profound or metaphoric writing, so i just wrote it with some simple sentences. I also remember when I First started out, my grammar was horrid! LoLz, My poetry consisted of one syllable words throughout the whole thing. Which ... yeah ... isn't working either :p.

    I wrote a story in elementary school where I put all the classic fantasy characters in it. the werewolf, vampire and his wife, the mummy etc :p. I have lost it but I remember the basic story line, but I don't think i'd ever bring it back or bring it to life except maybe in a comical youtube video, but youtube, i've been losing interest in....i'm over thinking I think :-/.

    Sometimes imagination isn't the best thing, sometimes a poem just needs the simple truth. :-)

  12. Almost all my poems rhyme. I know some people dont think poetry is about rhyming, but oh well. It's how I roll dammit lol!

    I dont blame you. If you plan on ever trying to publish them, def. get them copyrighted. You can never ever be to safe when it comes to that. I remember people used to get into drama on Myspace because they were stealing each other BLOGS! I remember one or two cases that involved ripping off another person's poetry too =/

    I like youtube, but I just go on there to browse. I've never done any of my own videos. I'm way too shy and embarrassed for that! I enjoy your videos though :)

  13. I had a case where a friend told me that he printed off one of my poems and I freaked! I asked him recently if he remembers where he put it and he says he never printed it off or that he doesn't remember. :-/ A twisted answer ...

    You enjoy my vids huh? even the ones where I was still a republican?? LMAO!

  14. LOL Wtf! He didnt do it, yet he doesnt remember where he put of those answers are a lie. Just sayin!

    Lmao, there's some truth in all your videos. Even the confused ones :-P hehe

  15. Yea I know, but he's kinda strange. His pictures have a tint of yellow and look like they are from the 70s. So I never have told him anything about me. Figured since he's probably in his 60s, but misrepresenting himself ..

    Well, LOL, maybe, but I haven't known what to say about politics. A guy on there called mikeforealz thinks I should start vlogging about how the republican party sucks because he thinks i'll get partnered LoL.

    Partnered is where you get the ability to put up a unique banner on your page with links in them plus they pay you based on how many views you get per video and how many subscribers you got.

  16. Oh that would be kool! Wonder if getting Partnered comes with certain rules and stuff though. I've heard of people having their video's being removed for being too offensive. (religion and politics)

    Which goes against Free Speech if you ask me!

  17. Yeah, it does go against freedom of speech, but what can ya do? :-/ If I got partnered, I already saved them the trouble and took down my political rants LoL. They're not even my POV (Point of view) anymore anyway :p. Idk how I changed my mind so quickly but hey, what can ya do? :-/ :p