Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Horror Salute 2010: Vampires

Vampire: A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people.
Sounds pretty creepy, huh? lol
I have always been obsessed with the undead. There’s just something about Vampires that I’ve always been drawn to in movies, tv, and books. I think it’s the appeal of mortality. The modern day vampire: sexy and cunning. And to live forever? Icing on the cake. Or is that blood on the neck? lol Anyway, I love all vampires stories: from the ugly and creepy to the sexy and alluring. There’s nothing like a bloodsucker.
Since it’s Halloween, I’ve decided to do a short vampire salute. Not really a countdown, but to give a shout out to my all time favorite undead creatures of the night. Category Style Winking smile
Greatest Vampire Movies:
1. The Lost Boys
The movie that started it all. For me. The Lost Boys has been my all time favorite movie since I was a kid. The epitome of sexy, kool, and undead, it’s because of The Lost Boys, that I grew up loving all things vampire.
2. Interview With the Vampire
Interview With the Vampire is one of the greatest vampire movies ever. Period. I love the entire atmosphere of the film. I love how the story unfolds over 200 years. There’s just a uniqueness about the film that I don’t think will ever be matched. Plus, it has a really great cast.
Honorable Mentions:
Salem’s Lot
From Dusk Til Dawn
30 Days of Night
Greatest Vampire TV Shows:
1. True Blood
Hands down, my favorite series on tv. Sexy, gory, funny, with incredibly awesome writing that is able to blend every aspect together beautifully. There is never a dull moment in Bon Temps.
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
I havent watched Buffy in years, but it used to be one of my favorite shows back in the day. I loved that the kick ass vampire slayer was a girl!
Honorable Mention:
Vampire Diaries
Greatest Vampire Books (Adults):
1. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
One of my all time favorite Stephan King novels. If you want scary and creepy, then this is a must read. The movie is good, but the book is fantastic. Definitely not a vampire you want to be inviting in.
2. The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
True Blood is based off the series. It’s not as gory or as sex charged as the show, but it’s still pretty juicy.
3. The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
Now if you’re looking for plenty of gore, and lots and lots of sex, then Anita Blake is for you. Actually I prefer the first few books in the series cause there’s not a lot of sex in there, it focuses more on preternatural beings and Anita kicking their ass! I love the character Anita Blake. LOL Its weird, but she aways says these awesome quotes that makes me think.
Greatest Vampire Books (Young Adults):
1. The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead
2. Night World Series by L.J. Smith
3. Twilight Stephenie Meyer
Hottest Blood Suckers
You didnt think I could go a full blog about vampires without mentioning the hottest immortals around did you? lol
1. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
2. Eric Northman from True Blood
3.Selene from Underworld
Honorable Mention:
Michael Emerson from The Lost Boys.He would have been number one, but technically he was only half vampire
Okay so there you have it. Consider this my Halloween treat lol. Of course this is a list of my personal favorites, so feel free to share your faves, because I know everybody has a different opinion. Somebody will read this list and go “Wtf?” no dobut about it lol
Happy Halloween!! =)


  1. hahahahaa VAMPIRES!! I love them too. Lost Boys and Interview are 2 of my fave movies also.

    The way Kirsten Dunst played Claudia in Interview was spectacular. And that ending. OMG!! perfect. =)

    You need to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JD Ward. Those are some sexy kick ass Vamps!! My favorite of the brothers keep changing from one book to the next. They aren't your normal vampires either. JD Ward has created her own vampire society, different from everything else before it. But she keeps certain traditions alive so it's not too far out there.

    Oh and have you read the House of Night books?

  2. I agree with you, I loved Kirsten Dunst. Weirdly, I've never read the book or anything by Anne Rice, and she's one of the biggest names out there! A goal of mine is to eventually read The Vampire Chronicles.

    I've always wondered if JD Ward's books were any good. I always see them in stores, but wasnt sure if I would like them. I will check that series out also.

    I've also wanted to read the House of Night series, I just havent had a chance to check those out either =/

    I read so many dang series, it's crazy! lol And I still have to find "Go Ask Alice"..I havent forgot about it!

  3. I would add to: "Vampire: A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people." ... or just the living.

    Necaise o
    ve seem

    Don't ask what that is LoL. I looked away because I was chatting with someone and looked back to see it. Let's just pretend its vampire language. I did find out there's a vampire religion out there, so maybe it's from that. :p

    I have seen so many vampire movies where the victims are not sleeping, but are just attacked.

    I saw the Lost Boys once. It was a good movie. Have to say that Kiepher Sutherland made a very impressive vampire. This was a movie my mother presented to me. It was a hell of a lot better than that crap on a plate movie "The Howling." It was so stupid! LoL (please pardon the plate metaphor :p) She goes the whole movie trying not to get bitten and then does anyway. Who wrote that? :p

    My mother saw Interview with The Vampire after she read the book. She loved it. I haven't seen the three mentioned in the honorable mentions after this one though :(. Wow a to-do list! :-)

    Never seen True Blood, but I think I saw one of the last "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," episodes. it was really good, if i remember correctly. I also saw an episode of Angel once, it was okay.

    I obviously don't read a lot because i've never read any of those vampire books :p.
    I'm currently taking a break from Vladimir Tod. I stopped after book two of the 5 book series. It's a cute story that is technically for young readers which is partially why i'm taking a break from it to read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

    I agree that Selene from Underworld is very attractive. Admittedly, it was one of the things that lead me to the movie. I didn't like that she may or may not have been weather leather though. :p

    I don't really remember the movie though so I may have to watch it again. I love gothic scenery. the movie reminded me of Evanescence's first album. That album was a masterpiece. I just wish they wouldn't have changed from gothic to more of an alternative dark rock for their second album, even though "Call Me When You're Sober," was a good song. "Lithium" was okay too but i can see why the album didn't do so well.

    Damon looks kinda cute.

    Thanks for posting, this was an utterly fascinating read.

  4. LOL!! It actually does look like it could be some form of vampiric language!

    I think they would have to be awake in order to invite them in though :-P

    LMAO I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen "The Howling" or not. I want to say I have...
    But you are totally right, Kiefer is awesome as David!

    I think you would like 'Salem's Lot. Just make sure you watch the original, and not the remake. It keeps with the old vampire traditions. It's by Stephen King :)

    I've always been a "Buffy" fan, but just now getting to see "Angel." I'm starting to REALLY love it!

    I like books for young readers. Heck, a lot of them are far more entertaining than books for adults lol

    Well just assume Selene's leather is made from a lycanthrope ;-) lol! I really like the gothic scenery myself. The first one was the best to me, I never did see the last one made, but I found the 2nd one okay.

    OMG Damon is beyond cute. He is downright delectable :-P lol!! His real name is Ian Somerhalder. He has the prettiest blue eyes for a man. What I really like about him, he loves animals. He started his own charity, one part of it deals with animals, the other parts are environmental and habitat. He was also the first celebrity that helped with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill this year. He was actually the first one I saw mention anything about it! I think he has a good heart, which makes him all the more sexy :-P

  5. Perhaps you and me should create a language :p. That is if there isn't already a language in that Vampire Bible. I'm wondering if that site was a halloween joke.

    I didn't see the howling until i was much older. Bout 3 years ago. I remember looking at my mum who was looking at me hopeful, after the movie was over.
    "Well? Was it awesome or what?"
    "That was the worst abomination i've ever seen in my life!"

    The only werewolf movie I have liked to date was the one with Christina Ricci. "Cursed."

    LoL! Yeah, there's only be a couple books that are not naughty but not something i'd expect a child to read, like say political, and yeah, I wasn't too impressed with some either.
    Sarah Palin's first book was okay though. I'm prolly gonna sell it or burn it.

    That poor Lycanthrope! Let's pretend I knew what that was before I looked it up. What? I didn't look it up and that last sentence is irrelevant. It is now erased from your mind.

    The gothic scenery is something i'd REALLY love to put in a house once I get the sims 3. If i can wait until the double deluxe comes out LoL The goth family always had houses that weren't very gothic, just very black and red :p.

    Yeah that oil spill was worse than I knew. I saw a clip for the year in recap where animals were covered in oil :(. beaches were evacuated too :(! Yikes! :(. We never get gas from BP and now i'm even more glad for that than ever!!!

    yes, a man's heart is more important than other things! LMBO!

  6. Some people actually believe they are real vampires: They consume blood and dont go out in the daylight much. I think they are delusional. Unless you're immortal and have super human strength, you're not a vampire ;)

    I really like the movies "Cursed"....I've always liked Christina Ricci. It's really a shame she doesnt make more movies.

    Seeing pictures of animals affected by the oil spill makes me cry =/

  7. one thing I keep noticing is that the mainstream is usually about sex. Where true talent lies, the majority of people aren't interested unless there's some for of appeal with "How much of their body can I see?"
    I've found so much talent but they're not that famous. It's truly sad.