Thursday, September 2, 2010

Intro Blog

So this is officially my first blog on Blogspot! Even though I already have a Myspace and a website to blog on, I still decided to try this place out. It may be pointless, but I dont care. I always like being "in" on the latest trends around the web, but this one I hadnt yet tried, so I thought now was the time. I mostly use Myspace blogs for fun nowadays anyway, I like to play games and get my readers involved, so I feel like I'm blogging for my friends over there rather than me. I do love it though, so I'm always going to have a Myspace (even though most people are abandoning it) and as long as people are willing to read and share their opinions with me, I will continue to blog there. Then I have my website, I really havent decided what to do with that yet. I backed up all my "important" Myspace blogs on there, but have never used it to blog. I could be using it right now, instead of this, but I dont really want to bog it down with pointless crap, which is what I decided to do with this place. I wanted a place to post random little things that catch my eye. Music videos maybe, pictures, maybe make my own little lists of stuff I like. I'm not sure yet. Heck, I might not even use this place ever again, but it never hurts to try something new!