Friday, January 1, 2010

Lets Rewind 2009 :-)

It’s hard to believe how fast 2009 went by! It’s been a crazy year and even though it seemed to go by fast, so many things happened. The year started with one of the most historical moments in United States history, when Barrack Obama was sworn into office as the first African American president…then shortly after, the swine flu caused a near panic. I’m sure there wasn’t any relation to the two events lol! ;-) Anyway, I figured I’d try my best to recap some of my favorite and not so favorite things that happened in 2009.

Vampire Craze!

I’ve always loved vampires, but 2009 went bat-shit crazy over some blood suckers. The media surrounding New Moon was insane. Everywhere you looked, there was Twilight/New Moon coverage. I do love me some Twilight, but sheesh…they ran it to the ground. And you can believe 2010 is going to be exactly the same with “Eclipse” coming out.

The Vampire Diaries also came out this year. I must admit, I love the show. It’s pretty juicy, even though it doesn’t follow the books. I’m just annoyed I have to wait until the end of January to see new episodes.

The best thing about the 2009 Vampire craze has got to be season two of True Blood! Talk about hot and juicy. This season was so good! It had some exciting little twists in the story line that didn’t take place in the book. There was some crazy shit going on in Bon Temps with Mary Anne’s sex orgies. I’m so glad Maenad’s arent real! Jason had me giggling my ass of all season long too. Damn I cant wait for season 3!

Speaking of exciting storylines…the 4th season of Dexter was AWESOME. THE. BEST. SEASON. YET. If you didn’t get a chance to watch Dexter this season, you need to try to catch it on re runs. You will not be disappointed if you like shows like that. Dexter knows how to keep my heart racing with every episode, and the season finale left me SHOCKED and SPEECHLEES. John Lithgow deserves an Emmy for his portrayal as the Trinity Killer.

Favorite Movies:

I didn’t get to see that many movies this year, but out of the ones I did see, I’m going to have to say my faves were Friday the 13th, Angels and Demons, and The Final Destination.

Favorite Music:

My favorite songs that was released to radio this year were probably Billy Currington’s “People Are Crazy” and Jason Aldean’s “Big Green Tractor” in county music.

I think every other song I loved this year came out in 2008 though. LOL I’m so late when it comes to music sometimes.

My favorite album this year is Miranda Lambert’s Revolution. She is freaking awesome and I’ve never been disappointed by any of her albums so far. Though she does often get over looked due to the other young country singers nowadays.

Also Alicia Keys new album Element of Freedom is awesome. I listened to it on myspace and loved it.

In Color by Jamey Johnson, and Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Picker were my fave videos. I cant really name any fave videos outside of country because MTV and VH1 hardly play music and I don’t wake up in time to watch what little music they actually play anymore lmao!

The most annoying song this year was that stupid damn “Poker Face.” Drove me nuts.

Most Annoying People of the Year:

1. John and Kate: What the fuck. Those poor kids. I swear they became like a damn case of herpes this year. Both are annoying as hell and I would love to see them disappear in 2010 for real.

2. Lady Gaga: Ugh. I havent even figured out what Lady Gaga is. She wears the stupidest damn outfits I’ve ever did see. Though if she wasn’t shoved in my face so much she probably wouldn’t have been half as annoying , but her music was EVERYWHERE. Arrrgh.

3. Spencer and Heidi Pratt: More annoying in the year of 2008 than 2009 since they were banned on E! News this year lmao, but Spencer just makes me sick knowing he lives and breaths so, yeah.

4. Octomom: Can you say “crazy bitch?!” I swear, it should be freaking against the law to have that many kids. She just aint right up in the noggin.

5. Titiana Del Toro and Nick “Normund” Gentle: They were both from idol, so since I only had to deal with them for a few short weeks, they both come in at number 5. These two were probably the two most annoying people in the history of idol. Titiana’s laugh was grating as hell and Normund Gentle pretty much made a mockery out of the show while he was on.

Epic Fail Moments of the Year:

1. Balloon Boy: LMAO! I swear, some people are just so damn money hungry they will do ANYTHING for some fame. The whole plot was stupid but having your own little boy announce on national tv that “my daddy said it was for the show” was fucking PRICELESS. The dad just had the “I’m screwed” look on his face and couldn’t say anything lmao. Great stuff.

2. LOL Ryan Seacrest high fiving a blind dude. Nuff said. =D

Crazy News I Never Expected:

1. Chris Brown beating up Rihanna. He threw his career down the toilet.

2. Susan Boyle dominating the billboard charts. Who the hell buys her music???

3. Tiger Woods ….LOL…Never knew he was such a pimp!

4. Paula Abdul leaving American Idol. I’m going to miss her craziness =/

Gay Fish Awards:

First Prize: Kanye West: No explanation need.

Runner Up: Christian Bale for going off on the poor camera guy. It was funny, but damn…talk about your anger issues.

My Favorite LMAO Moment’s of the Year:

1. Joaquin Phoenix’s interview with David Letterman. LMAO I swear, I don’t know who was funniest, Joaquin or Dave!!!

2. Billy Bob Thornton’s radio interview in Canada. LMAO, he was being a complete asshole, but I loved every minute of it!!

The Year of The Grim Reaper:

It seemed like people where dying left and right this year. I swear Death was pissed off because for a while, every week somebody else was reported dead. I cant even begin to name everybody that died in 2009. Of course the biggest death this year was Michael Jackson’s on June 25th. I still cant believe it. Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer the same day, which was really sad.

Patrick Swayze also lost his battle with cancer September 14th. I’ve loved Patrick ever since watching “Ghost” when I was little. I thought he showed so much bravery in his battle, working on a new show right up til the end.

Natasha Richardson, Bea Arthur, Dom DeLuise, David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays Karl Malden, Walter Cronkite, John Hughes, Ted Kennedy, and Brittany Murphy are just a few of the others who passed away this year.

Even poor Gidget from the Taco Bell commercials couldn’t survive 2009’s death curse =(

I know I left a bunch of people out. I also know that I left a lot of stories out. If there is anything I missed that you loved or hated about this year, tell me about it in a comment! Until next time……….



  1. I know what you mean on the Twilight Saga. The one thing that has always made me curious, and forgive me if we've already discussed this; some celebrities date the co-stars of the movie they made together, hoping it'll create more hype and get people to make the movie more successful. It kind of seemed that way with Miley Cyrus and her co-star from 'The Last Song,' I noticed that Jacob and What's her name (you can chastise me later LoL) started dating. Last I heard they broke up. I don't really know if it was before or after the Twilight craze died down, but it always seemed a bit fishy to me :-/ I love the series, don't get me wrong. I just like how none of the Harry Potter stars are dating each other for hype. Wow, Harry Potter is ending. Another part of our childhood is ending :-/.

    The Da Vinci Code & Angels & Demons are two of my favourite movies. I could watch them again and again. You already know why! LoL :p.

    LoL! Lady Gaga's music is actually getting a bit stale for me too. I loved Alejandro when it first came out but can't even bare the thought of listening to it now. I just read online that she has been bleaching her hair countless times since her career started. Her HAIR IS FALLING OUT! Eep!

    Just because we're GREAT friends ;)

    I remember the balloon boy thing too and when I heard the little boy reveal it, I knew it was a hoax. High five to Larry King for asking the little boy the questions LoL!

    Um LoL Susan Boyle? Brian bought her first cd because we both loved her voice. Her Wild Horses song was good but I haven't listened to any of the other songs. It seems they give her a lot of songs to just cover, but nothing to do new. i may be wrong there.

    I heard that Joaquin later admitted he wasn't stoned and that it was all a joke .. that facial hair has got to go! eww!
    great blog! :)

  2. I'm not sure if Kristen and Rob started dating just to create hype or not. Kristen isnt really a media person and they still havent ever confirmed their relationship. I blame the media more than I do either of them. Taylor Swift ;) Yeah, she broke up with him - but I dont think their relationship had anything to do with Twilight - plus at the time of them dating, he was already a heartthrob, so he didnt need Taylor to boost him any. But I totally agree with about about HP. It didnt need the hype of anything other than its on greatness :-)

    Omg lmao I cant believe you sent me that video!! Grrr!! lol!!

    2009 had so many things to talk about - 2010 wasnt near as exciting - I didnt even do a year end blog =/

  3. I once went through 900 vlogs on youtube by a youtube user of the name Zipster08. So going through some blogs is no trouble at all! LoL :)

  4. Wow! There's noway my brain could handle that many vlogs! lol!

  5. haha! yea well the guy turned out to think i just wanted to use him for views lol!