Monday, December 21, 2009

R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Before I begin I just had to take a moment to mention the passing of Brittany Murphy. She passed away Sunday morning at the age of 32. The cause of death hasnt been confirmed, but cardiac arrest was mentioned.

November 10, 1977-December 20, 2009
I just wanted to take time to remember what a talented young actress she was. One of my favorite movies is Clueless. Thats how I first came to know her. Little Black Book and Just Married are also two other movies that are really cute and funny. And even if you never heard her name, I'm sure you have heard her talent at best. It's kind of weird that my last game blog featured Hank Hill, because Brittany actually voiced the character of Hank's niece Luanne Platter. She also voiced several other characters on the show. She was a very talented person, and it's a shame she wasnt more recognized. May she always be remembered for the fabulous work she did as an actress. I know that now every time I watch King of the Hill I'll be reminded that another talented person left this world far too soon. 

R.I.P Brittany Murphy.

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