Sunday, November 2, 2008

Religiously Politically Stupid….Grrrrr

Why is it that the overly religious Bible thumper's always love to talk how they're "Christian's first, American's second," which is why they choose to ignore the fact that everybody should be able to live their lives however they see fit, like being be able to marry who you want, but when it comes to the right of "freedom of religion" they love THEIR rights as Americans then. Just a random thought.

God, I'm so glad Tuesday is almost here!!! I'll be glad when this election is OVER!! (Did I mention I voted early? :D )
I've had enough of all the damn political hate mail in my inbox. All of it spewing religious hatred at Obama. Which really brings me to another random thought:

How come the Pro-McCain/Palin people cant send me any emails telling me why I SHOULD vote for McCain, instead they send me a million fucking emails telling me why voting for Obama would be an abomination to this country. Give me a fucking break people. Those emails just make me want to vote for Obama more because they only piss me off by the stupidity of them and make me want to vote for him out of spite….grrrr.

Seriously though, wouldn't a better tactic be sending emails about how McCain will help our country, instead of emails spewing made up lies about Obama? I mean hell, this is all coming from Christians…I didn't know God condoned making up lies about a fellow human being just to sway somebody's vote.

I've had at least 7 emails about Barack Obama come directly to my yahoo inbox, all of them full of pure hate and detest of him. Everything ranging from him being called the Anti-Christ to him being compared to Hitler. Wtf?! I had absolutely no emails telling me why McCain would make a great leader (lmfao..yea right because they know that's a fucking joke!) and one email asking me to pray for Sarah Palin. (WHAT THE HELL EVER! That's even a bigger joke!)

I already blogged about this one time, but NO I will not pray for Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin isn't the one who is getting called the anti-christ, Sarah Palin isn't the one being compared to Hitler, Sarah Palin isn't the one getting death threats by fucking racist skin heads who don't like her just because of the color of her skin. HELL FUCKING NO I wont pray for Sarah Palin! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

These religious zealots need to get their praying priorities straight…if you believe somebody is an abomination to this country, shouldn't you be praying to save their souls instead?! Last time I heard, Sarah Palin didn't need my prayers, since she must know exactly what God wants, being she knows "God's will" and all.

It just pisses me off getting emails, reading bulletins, and reading blogs all trying to tell me how to vote based of their religious beliefs. It's like what somebody wrote in the last Obama hate email….we have a freedom of religion in this country…WELL DUH…THAT'S THE FREAKIN POINT. You are FREE to practice whatever the hell religion you want, you are free to believe whatever the hell you want, you are free to believe that the Easter Bunny is the Supreme One for all I give a fuck….JUST DON'T PUSH YOUR RADICAL BELIEFS DOWN MY THROAT AND EVERYBODY'S ELSES! Freedom of religion goes both ways! You should be free to practice religion however you feel is right for you, but don't dare try to tell me how to vote because one candidate doesn't mesh with your religion. Not all Americans believe in God. I believe in God, but that doesn't mean the next person does. And not all religions have the same views, not even all Christian religions view things the same, which is one reason religion should not play a part in politics…AT ALL.

That's why I'm so fucking sick of all the damn religiously politically stupid email I've been getting! Grrr! And hello….yes we have a "Freedom of religion" in this country but we also have a fucking "separation of church and state." So don't dare try to tell me that by voting for Obama would destroy our "freedom of religion" when religion shouldn't even be brought up in the first damn place! God, ya'll really do love to fucking cherry pick when it comes to "Christian first, American second." I say just be fucking thankful you live in America where you do have the freedom to believe and practice whatever religion you want, because believe it or not, some countries arent as lucky as us in that department. Ungrateful holier than thou twits….Grrrr.

Like I mentioned earlier, I voted early by absentee ballot….and YESS I VOTED FOR BARACK "THE ANTI-CHRIST" "HITLER THE NEXT"
OBAMA! And religion didn't play any damn part in my decision because I realize my religious beliefs shouldn't affect somebody's else's beliefs. Plus, there is NOWAY in Hell I would EVER vote for a ticket that has Sarah Palin on it. That woman goes against everything I stand for and I find it laughable that somebody would actually say by voting for Obama we would lose our religious freedoms when Sarah Palin is the one who strongly opposes what should be the most basic of human rights in this country, and she opposes them all based on her religious beliefs.

Insert Sarah Palin rant now……

Sarah Palin is the one who is wanting to take people's rights away. I know she isn't the one running for president, but the very thought of the possibility that she could be our president if McCain died is scary as shit!
Again I'm gonna have to go back to the email that said we have a freedom of religion in this country, well honey, that's not the only freedom we have.

Our Declaration of Independence states:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I could be wrong, but I don't see any clause where it says "that all men are created equal….except for homosexuals, people of other religions and faiths, and those we deem inferior to us." Nope, I don't see that anywhere in there, but ask Sarah Palin, and she'll tell you that gays have no right to the pursuit of happiness with somebody they love because it goes against HER religion.

You know what Sarah, that's lovely, you don't believe in gay marriage, then don't marry a woman. Don't try to deny somebody else the right to do so.

You know I could rant about marriage in itself. I cant stand the religious zealots that say that giving two people of the same sex the right to marry is destroying the morals of this country and that marriage should be kept sacred! LMAO! I'm sorry, but since when is marriage sacred anymore?! I didn't know marrying somebody, cheating on them, divorcing and getting remarried is sacred lmao! It's not homosexuals that are destroying the sanctity of marriage, it's us! Letting child molesters get out of prison and letting them have the right to marry is what should be considered an abomination. I don't know how two consenting adults that love one another, that's never done anything wrong, can be considered immoral. I say let God deal with them when there time comes, who are we to deny them there right to the pursuit of happiness?! (LOL @ Obama being an abomination to this country because he supports gay marriage when John McCain is the one who has been divorced. I thought divorce was against the Bible too?!)--Cheery picking which sins are worse again, holier than thou twits?!

I also cant vote for a ticket that's strongly against a woman's right to choose. Even in cases of rape and incest! I already blogged my feeling on this, so I wont go into it again, but when Sarah Palin tries to tell a rape victim that she has no right as to what to do with her body, when that rape victim also had no choice in being raped, I find that highly fucked up.

Nope, Sarah Palin does not represent me! She may play that "average Joe hockey mom" bullshit to a tee, but last time I checked average Joe hockey moms don't spend $75,000 Neiman Marcus. She's only been a VP pick since September and has already had $150,000 spent on her "Average Joe" ass. Almost 5,000.00 on hair and makeup while our economy is in the toilet, this aint not fucking beauty pageant…fuck her.
Also, wtf?! Hockey mom?! This isn't fucking Canada Sarah….so I don't think you'll be finding many hockey moms around here, since its mostly a football and baseball country….please go back to Alaska!

Sarah isn't anything special…she's just another greedy politician like the rest of them and I'm sick of her being hailed as some damn saint by all those religiously politically stupid people….Grrr.


  1. WOW! Amen, Amen, Amen! Though i'm glad I didn't see this blog around the election. I was so caught up in the bull that I would have been offended by everything you said here LoL! I think part of my stupidity was confusing love of country with a political party. True, Republicans tend to say they love this country more than Democrats do, but sometimes claiming you love something just implies you are trying to get people to believe you. Then again, I think Republicans love this country at the same time. I think most of the people that vote for the Repubs doing it based on religion and not politics. I don't know what else to say, this blew me away! :O

  2. Omg! I just re-read what I wrote! Damn, I was in a bad mood that day, huh? lol! I inserted a whole lot of profanity's in there. I curse a lot, but after rereading it, I think I could have come up with a more intelligent way of sharing my thought. But then again, when I start blogging in a heated mood, I just let my feelings flow, without censoring LOL
    I'm glad you read it now instead of THEN - We probably would have had a war of words or something because I do remember getting into some heated arguments with commenter's after I posted this LOL

  3. well, Nicole. I've had a change of heart! I just have to support Palin, Bush II and Beck again. I can't handle all this bullshit about energy conservation and global warming. ............... Just kidding :p. I literally get a twisting feeling in my gut when I see Michelle Bachman and all these people who are against gay marriage. :-/ Just found out that Bush II's daughter is taking a stance FOR Gay marriage which is against what her father says. I thought he was okay with gay marriage? Guess not! Boy! I am so glad I am unsubscribed from all these nutters! I honestly think the defining moment for me was after I became Jewish. Conservative nutjobs are primarily Christian anti-gayLords and I just can't do that anymore!

  4. Ick! I'd still love ya though...:-P Really, I'm starting to be party blind - though I lean left on some things - I also lean right towards others. I'm a registered Democrat on a technicality. When I first registered for a hometown election, the person I voted for was a Democrat ..anyways...I consider myself neither Democrat nor Republican, but conservatives annoys me more with their antigay garbage and always bringing religion into the mix. But both sides are just as bad when it comes to throwing stones at one another.

  5. yes it is pretty bad. the conservatives I met with didn't say anything about gay rights really. I did tell one of the guys that I lean to the left on several key issues and he didn't bash me. I think there's some nice republicans but a lot aren't going with the religion card. some democrats play the race card though all the time so I think it's on both sides of the table ... i like that you called it party blind LoL!

  6. Yea it definitely is on both sides of the table. And of course there are nice people on both sides too. Hell, most Republicans and Democrats ARE nice people once you remove the politics out of the equation and just look at the as people. It's the politics that make them nasty. Even though most Conservatives have backward and archaic ways of thinking, it doesnt make them necessarily bad, just ignorant. Same with Liberals and some of their "radical" views.

  7. all i gotta do is find a way to register as a democrat now LoL!

    you know I just realized that some conservatives talk a good talk about how it's bad to have 2 parties, but they refuse to budge. BUT give them the option of being the ONLY political party, they love it.

    Ugh, if the republicans were the only legal party, i think i'd be drinking alcohol every night and needing vicodin for the massive hangovers :-/