Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Moot!! (GBE)



This week's GBE topic was a no brainer. I knew I had to join in and introduce everybody to my pet doggy! My dog is more that a pet though, he's like my baby! So I would like everybody to meet my little man, Moot :-)

Moot is an AKC registered Boxer. He was born on December 22, that means his birthday isnt too far away!!

Moot is probably the most spolied dog you will EVER meet lol! He is litterly like a child. He has more toys than should be allowed!!! He is really smart too :-) He knows all his basic commands like sit, speak, roll over, and shake. He also knows phrases like "who's here?!" and "lets go for a ride"...he gets super excited when he hears the word ride too! He'll start jumping all around the house ready to go lol!
He's a brat though!!!
Anyways, I thought I'd share some cute pics of him instead of ramble too much :P

These are some pics of him when he was just a baby:

I cant believe how little he used to be!!

He was getting a little bit bigger in these:

Moot LOVES the outdoors!

His fave thing to do is play with his football:

He also loves his swimming pool!!

Remember how I told you he was spoiled?

He sleeps like this at night in the bed!:

Of course I love dressing him up for Halloween:D
Last year he was a construction worker:

He's gonna be a bumble bee this year :D

I hope ya'll enjoyed meeting my little man!!

I love him so much! :-)

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