Friday, June 6, 2008

Me In A Nutshell.....(GBE)

The GBE topic of the week is "Identity." I must say that this was a lot harder than I thought, because I really hate talking about myself. But I will try my best to identify myself in a nutshell lol.

Lets see...

I'm really shy around people until I get to know them

I can pretty much get along with anybody.

I do have trust issues....and its hard for me to open to people.

I tend to be emo sometimes....I'm sensitive and have my feelings hurt easily.

I'm 100% a country girl....I love country music with a passion.

I'm obessed with The Dukes of Hazzard.....I own everything you can think of "Dukes" lol.

I love aniamls.

I'm neither a pessimist or an optimist....I'm a realist.

The thought of being alone scares me.

I'm a die hard Shania Twain fan....have been since I was 9.

I'm also a Days of Our Lives fanatic.

I have a fear of tornados.

I hate needles....I dont do pain to any degree very well.

I have a mild case of OCD...I also have a mild germ phobia..yes I have hand sanitizer in my purse.

I hate tomatoes and I dont eat ketchup.

I'm addicted to the internet....I stay on myspace a little more than I should.

I couldnt live without a tv....seriously, I would die lol.

I love horror movies.....the more blood, guts, and gore the better.

I love to read....horror is my fave of course.

I'm mildly obsessed with celebrities...I watch E! News everyday.

I freakin love Johnny Depp!

I have know idea what I want out of life and that scares me.

Well there you have it...I'm sure there is a lot I left out but its 3:30am and I'm about to fall asleep lol (Told ya'll I stay on myspace more than I should lol).

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