Thursday, May 1, 2008

100th Blog: Pet Peeves...Hot Guys...etc.

Haha this is my 100th blog..the majority of my blogs consist of games and American Idol, so I didnt want this one to be about either one. I decided to do a totally random one with a couple of tags that I have yet to do!

I was tagged forever ago to do a blog about my pet peeves. I always got something to complain about, so this one should be easy!

~The number one thing that irkes my nerves is the smacking sound a person makes after they eat something! GAWD!! IT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL!!

~Nicknames! Especially being called NIKKI! (YES VENOMOUS I'M TALKING TO YOU!)

~Grammar nazis! Okay so what if I happen to have a typo every now and then!?! (YUP Mark I'm talkin to you now!!)

~pPlE dAt tYpE lYkE dIs aLsO aNnOyS tHe hElL oUt oF mE!!!

~Slow drivers, but who doesnt hate slow drivers? LOL

~The constant barking of dogs late at night...drives me up the wall!!!

~Calling customer service and getting a FREAKIN MACHINE!! GRRRRRRRRRR!! Oh and then to top it off being told to press one for English!

~People who dont speak proper English! I can't stand listening to people my age talk in ebonics, slang, or whatever the hell you want to call it, just to sound cool! It's not makes people look uneducated and stupid!

~Oh and people who REALLY cant speak English, but still wants to call me up on the telephone and then it takes me 20 freaking mintues to make them understand that they have the wrong number!

~Since we're on the subject of English...I cant stand when people post bulletins in another language that I cant read! Dont post a bulletin and make me have to google that shit! If you live in America, post it in ENGLISH!


~Whats even worse than that is people that post more than three blogs a day! If you post more than three blogs a day, dont expect me to read any of them. That shit aint kool!

~I'll tell ya what else isnt kool.... postdating the blogs weeks and months in advance! What is the purpose??? A couple days I can see...but three freakin months?? ARE YA'LL MAD???

~People who send me friend requests that have NEVER talked to me. "Friend collectors!"

~George Bush interrupting my tv show with his speeches! November cant get here soon enough. I hope the next president that interrupts my tv doesnt sound like a dumb ass!

~Stupid people in general also irkes my nerves.

~People who dont understand the concept of the "AWAY:BE BACK LATER" or "BUSY" status on my myspace messenger!

~Girls that talk like they're from the movie that shit is annoying!

~People who think they know every damn thing! Spare me the boasting please!

~Hypocrits...especially religious and political ones!

Okay now that tag is out of the way..I'm gonna heat things up a bit by doing a tag by Corey. I get to do a list of hot guys :D Tag blogs are always a great excuse to look up hot men!! Did I ever mention that I liked older men?? Mmmmm...I like MEN...not scrawny little guys. Guys around my age are basically assholes and I refuse to date anybody younger than are some men that I find HOTT!

Johnny Depp


Ooooh man the things I would love to do to him! Or better yet, the things I would love for him to do to me ;-)

Tim McGraw


Mmmmm...that voice, those arms, the way his butt looks in tight jeans..*sigh*

Brad Pitt


Who doesnt find Brad Pitt fine as hell??

Leonardo DiCaprio


LOL This one goes back to when I was a tween..hey I grew up during "Leo Mania" what can I say?

Michael Johns


Mmmmm...Michael won me over with that accent of his on American Idol this year.

Orlando Bloom


Orlando is such a cutie pie and I dont see how anybody wouldnt find him hot.

Antonio Banderas


Mmmmm..another man with an accent..I've been inlove with Antonio ever since I watched the movie Desperado.

Matthew McConaughey


I could listen to Matthew talk all day...and the way he looks with his shirt off...*drools*!

Feel free to leave pics of guys you think are hott..or gals for my male readers :-)

Almost everybody knows that I dont have a car. I've been thinking about what kind of car that I would like to own, and narrowed it down to three if the time ever comes. *sigh*

Smart Car


LOL I dont care if people think they are fugly...I think they are so cute!!

Mini Cooper


I think they are cute too!

2006 Nissan 350z


Now thats just being realistic, in my fantasy world, I already own these! ;-)




Okay one more thing before I end this blog. When I'm done with the American Idol blogs, I thought about doing another game. Right now I have two in mind and would like to now which one you all would rather play. Which you like to see:

A:Game where you vote for your fave horror movie villian (Ex: Freddy vs. Jason)
B:Game where you guess what tv/movie the car is from (Ex: The General Lee)

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