Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What's Wrong With People?!


Todays definition of fat.....

The past couple of days I haven't been able to turn on the TV, or get on the internet without hearing about Britney Spears' VMA performance. As bad as her performance was, all anybody is talking about is how "fat" she is! That really disgusts me!! Take a real good look at this picture people, because this is the new definition of "fat" in our society. Does that not scare anyone? And people wonder why so many young girls have eating disorders and self-image issues! No, I'm not surprised at all! It's not surprising, because every time you pick up a magazine or turn on the TV you see pictures of people like Tyra Banks with headlines that say "America's Next Top WADDLE." What the hell people?? When I was little, "fat" was people like Rosie O'Donnell (sorry Rosie) not Britney Spears! When did looking healthy become fat??? I really would like to know! If people like Britney and Tyra are considered fat, what does that say for the rest of the world? When I look at that picture of Britney, all I see is a really tacky outfit. I DO NOT see a "lard" as one person called her. I see a healthy, normal sized woman. And after having two children within two years, I think she looks dang good!

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  1. I just remember reading the tabloids and hearing that she bombed at the 2007 Mtv Music awards. Then I saw the clip online and she clearly lip synced. Then there was the media sensation of Chris Crocker screaming and crying for her that she's a human. While I think he took this too far with the crying and whining, he was right on that aspect. She is a human. I also saw a clip that explained why her dancing wasn't that great. It speculates that one of her boots had a broken heal so she was trying not to fall and hurt herself. I still love Britney, maybe not the same as I did in the past, but her music still makes a landmark on music history. I'm kind of glad that her singing style seems to be going back to her bubble gum pop sound, she's putting in the attitude back which I like!

    What the media mail realize, but refuses to publicize is that when we are young, say between 15-27ish, we all desire to be super thin. Britney is at an age where she's experienced her thrill of being thin, she's got two kids and doesn't think she needs to be all skin and bones anymore. Plus, not to disparage any females or males for that matter, the average healthy weight for people goes up slowly with age. Where a 5'5 male at 22, like me, the healthy weight is anywhere between 130-145, in 20 years, I think my healthy weight'll be anywhere between 135-150. It goes up a bit. It's a fact of life. The media needs to realize that she did look healthy.

    I think part of the shock was that they thought when they heard of her 'comeback' that it was gonna be like before. I kinda fell into that crowd too, but you can't really bring the past back. The most we can do is watch her concerts and listen to her music from back then. For me, I had a huge crush on Britney during her first and second album time period. The crush dwindled away after seeing her third album release. It was officially gone by her fourth album. That doesn't mean I don't see her worth as a person though, just the crush part about me liking her is gone.

  2. I watched the clips on youtube also, and her performance was clearly a trainwreck =/ She just didnt have that old Britney spunk up there and she seemed so "lax" on stage and it just wasnt good =/ What pissed me off was people criticizing her weight though. I thought she looked awesome body wise.

    Omg I couldnt stand Chris Crocker. And he actually became famous for that youtube video, which I believe was mostly acting anyways =/

  3. last i heard of Chris Crocker, he's gone all masculine and back to being a guy! He chopped off his blond hair, grew a beard and died his hair black. I got curious to see if he was still online one day and saw his transformation. He does have a SLIGHT cuteness to him when he has facial hair. Yes I know what I just said...personally i like guys that are more masculine, but he's still not exactly my type.

    In the past, when she would lip sync, she tried to make her face look like it does when she's really singing, but lately she hasn't done it. Idk if it's because everyone knows she's lip syncing or :-/