Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Eastwatch [Game of Thrones]


I had so many expectations for Eastwatch coming off The Spoils of War. There was a lot of things I really wanted to see happen or that I expected to happen, that it made my initial watch a little frustrating and I wasn't sure how I felt about it overall. I decided to re watch it again without any expectations and I actually really loved it a lot on second viewing. I found certain scenes a lot more emotional and I was able to take in some of those breathtaking moments without being irked by the things I wanted to happen. While this episode didn't give me what I wanted to see, it gave us a lot to take in.

Eastwatch picks up where Spoils left off, Jaime and Bronn survived the loot train battle. This is where I was initially annoyed. I had this idea that Dany would take Jaime and Bronn hostage, but instead they cleanly escaped her. I was stunned they just came out the other side of the water with no one waiting for them. However, on second viewing I actually really loved the dialogue between them. Jaime admitted they will lose the war against the dragons. Bronn had a funny line about his work ends when dragons get involved. What I thought was great about the scene was how visibly  shaken Jaime still is after seeing the destruction one dragon did and he's already acknowledging Dany has three and really hasn't decided to use any of them fully. I'm really enjoying all the reactions to the dragons, especially from characters that deemed them a non threat in earlier seasons. 

The next scene was freaking incredible. Tyrion is walking among all the death and destruction, visibly shaken himself by seeing what Dragon is cable of. Then it cuts to Drogon and Dany standing in front of a few survivors and she's offering them the choice of bending the knee or death if they continue to oppose her. Majority kneeled before her, but Randyll Taryl and Dickon refused. Randyll chose honor over bending and I have to admit I grew to respect him in that moment. There's a lot of talk about Dany becoming a mad queen in this scene. Even Tyrion was trying to talk her out of killing those who refused to bend, allowing them to be taken prisoner instead, but I don't think what she did was mad or evil. They were given a choice. However, the one thing that I don't like about this choice is that Dany has always had people follow her out of loyalty and this is the first time that I felt people kneeled, not because they believe in her but because they're terrified of being burned alive. It's why I actually felt moved and emotional by Randyll sticking to his honor and refusing to bend and dying for something he did believe in. It was a powerful scene. 

I'm going to jump around the episode a bit, because we get another incredibly powerful scene involving Drogon, but this time it's with Jon Snow. Dany and Drogon make their way back to Dragonstone and Dragon lands right in front of Jon. This scene was both beautiful and terrifying. Drogon looks amazing and this scene was gorgeous and terrifying at the same time. Drogon smells Jon and he recognizes Jon as a Targaryen. I got some chills watching. I think Daenerys did as well....there was also really great moments between Jon and Dany, but another big moment here was the reunion between between Jorah and Dany, which I found incredibly touching seeing them back together again. 

Next we go over to Winterfell and we get this incredible scene where Bran has warged into several Ravens and they're all flying beyond the wall and he's watching the army of the dead marching towards Eastwatch. We see the Night King look up and the ravens fly away at once as Bran "wakes up" and tells the maester to gather the ravens, which are sent to Jon in Dragonstone and the Citidel. This was another stunning scene that was so dark and foreboding, but I loved it visually. The beauty of snow and mountains beyond the Wall juxtaposed with the army of the dead just looked both incredible and chilling.

Also in Winterfell, Sansa is dealing with the the Northern houses being upset that Jon has decided to go beyond the Wall instead of returning to Winterfell. This leads to some scenes that I felt very conflicted over.  Arya is listening to the Houses disrespect Jon and she goes really hard on Sansa for not punishing them. This has been the first time that I felt very pro Sansa and thought Arya was being way too hard on her sister and she came off extremely dark. I hated that they were reverting back to their season one behaviors of arguing and of course Littlefinger is using this to his advantage when we see Arya spying on him, which was all a set up of cat and mouse ..he lead her to a scroll that Sansa was forced by the Lannisters to write in season one that makes her look like she's betraying her family in order to marry Joffrey. What Arya will do with this information can't be good. I'm really hoping that Arya knows she's being set up ....

Jaime makes his way back to King's Landing. He tells Cersei the same thing he told Bronn, that they stand no chance against Daenerys. The best part of this scene was the revelation he made to Cersei about Lady Olenna being behind Joffrey's death, not Tyrion. I could feel Cersei's anger in just her facial expressions. The rest of the King's Landing scenes I felt beyond frustrated with, starting with Tyrion re-uniting with Jaime and Bronn. I felt very cheated out of a Bronn and Tyrion reunion. Even Jorah and Tyrion were given more dialogue later in the episode (which was awesome), but for two characters that spent a lot of time together in previous seasons to not get much dialogue felt a disservice to fans. The Jaime and Tyrion reunion was a bit better and I wish we could have spent more time with it because I loved the emotions that were coming out about previous events, but it was cut short in order to deal with the present day events. Tyrion tells Jaime that Dany is offering a temporary truce in order to fight the dead and we later see Jaime return to Cersei with the offer....and this is where I'm beyond annoyed with the writers. Cersei agreed to the truce but then tells Jaime she's pregnant. Are you freaking kidding me?? I'm not sure she's telling the truth, it could all be a part of a scheme to keep Jaime loyal to her, but as a book fan I'm already having to come to terms with Jaime's unrelenting loyalty for his sister on the show, but I was hoping Olenna's confession would cause Jaime to snap out of his love and side with Tyrion. Thankfully the  King's Landing stuff was saved by Davos and the return of Gendry!! And he even has his own war hammer! I'm glad to see him back in the show and teaming with with Jon and Davos has me excited. 

Another incredible and equally frustrating revelation this episode happened when Gilly tries to make causal conversation with Sam and reads that  Rhaegar Targaryen had an annulment to his wife and re married someone else in Dorne. OH MY GOD!! I wanted to scream at Sam for interrupting her!! This is the single most important information in the entire episode and it was just thrown out and then ignored! Jon Snow was NOT born a bastard, but is the true born son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. This makes him the rightful heir to the throne. I slapped my forehead at this point and screamed an ughhhhh ... why is the show doing this to me ...I just hope Sam and Gilly packed that book with them before they left!

Even though I had a lot of things bug me this episode, it still was a fantastic episode and the culmination of several of our favorite characters coming together at Eastwatch has me hyped for the next episode as they journey beyond The Wall to capture a Wight to send back to King's Landing. It ended on a fantastic shot of Jon, Tormund, The Hound, Gendry, Jorah, Beric and Thoros. Not all these people like each other, but they're all on the same side of the living. ..which makes them allies in the war to come and has me both excited and scared to see what happens next.