Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dragonstone [Game of Thrones]

Game of Thrones is back and I've decided to do a weekly run down of everything I love and dislike about every episode. It's been a while since I've blogged at all so I'm a little rusty, but I'm going to try my best lol shall we begin? ;)

Top 5 Moments of Dragonstone:

1. Tensions at Winterfell:

As a Stark loyalist (The North Remembers) I am always the most invested in what's happening with the remaining Starks. We've been waiting several seasons to finally see them reclaim the North and it finally happened last season with Jon and Sansa defeating the Boltons, but with Littlefinger in the mix, it's made Sansa and Jon's reunion tense, especially with him getting all the credit for defeating the Boltons and being declared King of the North. The disagreements between Jon and Sansa at the council table had me on edge and I could tell Littlefinger was relishing it. However, I remain hopeful that Sansa remains loyal to Jon and I absolutely loved the scene where it was just the two of them and she was urging Jon not to make the same stupid decisions that got Rob and Ned killed. The greatest Winterfell moment was between Sansa and Littlefinger ...Sansa wasn't having any of his manipulating bullshit and I loved how she shut him down. Best quote was when she told him not to bother to get the last word, I'll assume it was something clever. Yesss, you go Sansa! I hope he dies and I hope it's by her hands....I know several want to see Arya kill him, but I rather see him die by Sansa. 

Also, shout out to Lyanna Mormont for continuing to be a badass and standing her ground. She may be small, but she is fierce! 

2. Winter Comes For House Frey:

Holy shit, what a cold open! I knew right from the start that it was going to be Arya, but it didn't make the moment any less epic! Arya killing Walder Frey last season was one of the most satisfying deaths, but I didn't expect her to kill off the entire Frey House was such a bad ass character moment and I love that it happened in the same room as the Red Wedding. It came full circle in the most satisfying way possible. "When people ask what happened here, tell them winter came for House Frey and The North Remembers." Chilllssss! 

3. The Hound's Guilt:

The Hound has always been one of my favorite characters. He's done some awful things, but I've never viewed him as a villain. He's a realist that's playing a game of survival in a brutal world to live in. When he walks into the house and sees the remains, the look of guilt and remorse on Sandor's face is subtle, but you can tell he truly feels sorry for what happened to the father and daughter that gave shelter to him and Arya back in season four...and it was touching. The most surprising of this scene was him being able to see the visions in the flames....I don't know how that works. How people are chosen by the Lord of Light to see visions?? I wonder what it means for his character. Is his overall arc just to defeat his bother? Or is there something more ...

4. The Night King's Army:

It has Wight Giants! Not just one, but three!! Freaking awesome! However, after watching that scene, this makes me wonder if Hodor will be part of the army of the dead. He died on the other side of the wall ....and that thought is lingering in the back on my mind.. it's a heartbreaking thought but entirely possible....

5. Dany's Home:

Finally! After 7 years Daenerys Stormborn has landed on Dragonstone! Seeing her step foot on her ancestral homeland was a huge moment for the series ...I loved that it didn't have any dialogue between the characters. The moment didn't need any. Watchers know how big this moment is and the game is about to change in Westeros. While the episode itself was solid and more of a catch up with everyone, I feel like they picked the perfect line to end the episode with. "Shall we begin?" This almost seems like a question to the viewer as well as her council's like saying now that we have caught up with everyone, the real craziness is about to get started, so get ready!

Other moments:

Sam's conversation with the Archmaester seemed like some serious foreshadowing to me. During their discussion the Archmaester mentions that the Wall has withstood every war over the years and that's why the Citidal doesn't worry about the threat of the Whitewalkers. So my theory here is that Bran has crossed over, erasing whatever magical barrier was in place and somehow the Night King is going to make the wall fall. Of course the Wall doesn't have to fall, just be breached like the weirwood cave, but I think it being destroyed completely would make the threat of the dead even more terrifying and a wake up call for everyone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sam is sending a Raven to Jon about the dragonglass under Dragonstone. Is this how Jon and Dany will meet?? I seriously can't wait to see those two together and it seems like that could be the thing that puts Jon on the path to meeting her. 


Overall I think the season seven premiere was very good. There's only two things I took issue with and that was Arya's meet up with the Lannister soldiers. I don't care about the cameo itself, no issue there, it just felt oddly out of place and like filler and with such a short season I want every single moment to count. The other thing is more of a book nerd nitpick. I'm seriously annoyed that Jaime is still standing beside Cersei after everything she has done. She killed everyone with wildfire ...Jaime killed the mad king to stop him from doing the very thing ...that he stands beside her still is just frustrating. .

7/10 Ravens.