Friday, September 1, 2017

The Dragon and The Wolf [Game of Thrones]

The Dragon and The Wolf 

It's taken me a while to be motivated to write about the Game of Thrones finale due to that fact  I'm so depressed it's over. The season was far too short, but it ended with a jaw dropping finale that I personally loved! So many things finally happened that I've been waiting years to see. The Dragon and The Wolf also managed to rectify some of the earlier complaints I've had about earlier episodes.

The Dragon and The Wolf spends the majority of the episode in Kings Landing and we are given so many great conversations between characters, starting with a proper Bronn and Tyrion reunion. Bronn comes to escort Tyrion, Jon and the rest to the Dragon Pit to parle with Cersei. I loved seeing Bronn and Tyrion back together, even if they are now on opposing sides, it was still great hearing their banter and you could tell they still have a mutual respect for one another. The best scene from the escort though was definitely between Brienne and The Hound. Brienne is surprised to see him still alive and tells him that all she was trying to do was protect Arya, to which he replied so was he. Brienne lets him know Arya is  still alive and well in Winterfell and that the  only people who need protecting are those who get in her way. It was such a great little conversation and makes me want to see all three one them together eventually. 

The group gets to the Dragon Pit and Cersei isn't there yet, which had me super anxious it was going to be a set up. I just don't know what she's cable of after blowing up everyone with wildfire. You could read the tension on everyone's face, but finally she arrives escorted by The Queen's Guards, including The Mountain of course, to The Hounds surprise. There's a tense moment when Sandor walks over to his brother and tells him that he's coming for him eventually, which was the first of many anxious moments I had with The Mountain and my favorite characters. 

Everyone is in the Dragon Pit except for Daenerys...Cersei notices her absence  right away and is none to pleased. Dany finally makes one hell of an epic entrance on Drogon that leaves everyone in awe, except for Cersei. When Dany finally takes her seat all Cersei says is "you're late." Cersei's has the perfect poker face with Dany's show of power. I have to say Lena Headey's acting has just been amazing this year ..she does so much subtle acting with her face and she's able to convey a lot of emotions without speaking. She was superb not only this episode, but every episode this season. 

Tyrion stands up to speak on behalf of the group about a truce and Jon takes over explaining the dead is coming for them all. Of course Cersei doesn't believe any of them and thinks it's just a trick to get her army  to stand down in the war as they go off chasing monsters, but what Cersei didn't expect was them having proof.  Sandor brings out a large crate and unleashes a dead wight among them all. Everyone freaks out at what they're seeing, even Cersei. The only person who looks on with curiosity more than fear is Qyburn, which i totally appreciated his reaction to seeing it. Jon explains there's only two ways they can be killed: Fire and Dragonglass. Euron asks if they can swim, Jon replied  no and Euron tells them all that he was heading back to the Iron Islands because that's the only thing he's ever seen that scares him, he advises Dany to do the same. At the time I found that scene pretty funny. ...

Faced with the truth, Cersei agrees to help if Jon agrees not to take any side in the war between her and Daenerys. Jon tells her that's impossible because he's already bent the knee to Dany. Not only does this news piss Cersei off, it also shocks everyone else, including Tyrion. Cersei refuses to take any part of the Great War and leaves. Everyone tells Jon he should have which Jon says lying only leads to more lies. Tyrion tells them all they're fucked, but decides to try to talk to Cersei and convince her to change her mind. Brienne also tells Jaime to do the same. I loved seeing Brienne interacting with Jaime again. I love those two. 

The next scene is probably one of the best scenes in the entire episode.  Tyrion goes alone to talk to Cersei with only The Mountain in the room. I was really freaking anxious that Tyrion may actually die in this episode, but thankfully he doesn't and we get one of the best conversations from the entire season. For the first time we see Cersei with tears in her eyes and emotional as Tyrion is saying he's sorry for what happened to her children. Cersei doesn't want to hear it and continues to blame him for everything. She displayed more emotions with Tyrion in this scene over her children than she has with anyone else since Joffrey's death. Cersei tells Tyrion that she doesn't care about making the world a better place, she only cares about her family and keeping those she cares about alive and she touches her belly as she says this and Tyrion realizes she's pregnant. The scene cuts away ..

Jon and Dany are having a moment when Tyrion and Cersei walk out and Cersei tells them all that she will fight in the battle against the White Walker's and that they had better remember she chose to fight with no promises from them. They leave and return to Dragonstone thinking they have the Lannister army in the war to come. Jaime is later seen planning strategy and Cersei calls him the stupidest Lannister. She reveals to him that it was all a lie, she was just saying what they wanted to here to buy time She has schemed with Euron and has sent him to Essos to escort The Golden Company back to Westeros to help win the war against Daenerys. Jaime is aghast that Cersei lied and schemed behind his back and says he will not break another oath and that he will fight with Jon and Dany against the dead. Cersei tells him that's treason and my anxiety was high as she pretty much threatened him with The Mountain. I literally thought Jaime was dead in this scene. This was the one part of the entire episode that scared me more than any other because I really love Jaime. This was also one of my favorite scenes because Jaime FINALLY turns his back on Cersei, something I've been waiting to see for for an eternity. Jaime is leaving Kings Landing as it starts to snow and a slowed down version of the theme song plays over montages of winter arriving in King's Landing. It was a hauntingly beautiful montage.

Back in Winterfell Sansa receives a raven that Jon has bent the knee to Daenerys. She's not to happy to hear this and Littlefinger is suggesting that she can un name him as Lord of Winterfell. Sansa tells Littlefinger that Arya would never allow it, that she always loved Jon more and would kill her if she thought she was betraying Jon. Littlefinger decides to play a game with Sansa ...he asks her to imagine the worst possible reason Arya could have returned, she comes to the conclusion to kill her and become Lady of Winterfell. ..Frustrating scene on first watch.

Later,  Sansa, Bran, Littlefinger and the people from the Vale is gathered around and Sansa asks them to bring her sister in. Sansa starts saying that you're charged with treason and murder ...and they want us to think she's about to kill Arya, but then she says Lord Baelish. Littlefinger can't believe his ears as Sansa starts charging him with murdering Lysa and Jon Aryn and starting the war of the five kings by betraying Ned. Littlefinger starts begging for his life on his knees and Arya abruptly ends his life as she slits his throat. Sooooooo satisfying!! I've been waiting since season one for him to die and seeing him down on his knees crying like a little bitch was glorious!

As much as I loved this scene though I have to admit the horse shit of the previous episodes made this outcome somewhat predictable. Deep down in my heart I knew that would all three come together to kill him this season, which is why I hated all the arguing between Sansa and Arya. I'm not sure how much of it was an act and how much of it was real. I think the writers took their arguing a little over the top, but I feel like it was all somewhat real and  that Arya was playing her own game with Sansa and that Littlefinger's game of worst possible scenario was his down fall, because Sansa knows that Arya would never want to be a Lady. Also, at some point they must have all got together off screen and talked to Bran, to which he told them everything. Arya has the catspaw blade back in this episode that she handed over to Sansa in the previous episode. Seeing Littlefinger bleed out on the floor excuses the predictable arc for the Stark sister. The twist wasn't much of a fake out, but at least it ended in satisfaction and also ended with a beautiful and heart touching moment between Sansa and Arya. As they fondly remember Ned they recall what Ned told them in season one: The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. It was the perfect way to end on them and hit me major in the feels.

Another scene that hit me in the feels was between Theon and Jon. Theon tells him he spent all his life trying to decide if he was a Stark or Greyjoy and he could never do the right thing like Jon always has. Jon tells him he doesn't have to make a choice between one or the other, that Ned is a part of him just as much as he's a Greyjoy. Jon forgives him as much as he can and tells him to go rescue his sister. I wish it would have ended there, because the next scene between Theon and the Ironborn felt a little silly...he gets into a fight with one and finds his courage thanks to a lack of balls and beats the Ironborn guy to death and commands the rest of the people to help him find Yara. It was an okay scene overall, but felt a little over the top. 

Sam has also made his way to Winterfell and meets up with Bran. Bran tells him he's the 3 Eyed Raven now and Sam's reaction is pretty funny, he says he doesn't know what that means so Bran explains he can see the past and the present. I think it's interesting to note Bran doesn't mention he can see the future, so he must not have green seeing powers. Bran then reveals that he must talk to Jon and tell him his true parentage, that he's actually the bastard of Lyanna and Rheagar. This is when Sam reveals his knowledge that Rheagar and Lyanna were actually married and Bran goes back in the past and witnesses their ceremony. As Bran is narrating the past events and explaining Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen and heir to the Iron Throne, it cuts to Jon and Daenerys making love on the boat.  Holy shit...Littlefinger's death isn't the only thing glorious in this episode, Jon's ass is perfection! Anyway...Jon and Dany are now officially together...and they're aunt and nephew... so that's complicated. I don't think Jon will care about being the heir to the Iron Throne, but their relationship will become problematic in more ways than one. Tyrion realizes this as he gives a look of concern at their bedroom door.

The episode ends at the Wall and I'm beyond mad I was spoiled about this, but it didn't stop it from being jaw dropping on first watch! Tormund and Beric are up on the Wall as they see the army of the dead arrive at Eastwatch...and then the Night King comes flying in on a wight Viserion, shooting blue flames and breaking down part of the wall. This scene was balls to the walls fucking crazy! The Night King looked sort of ridiculous riding Viserion, but at the same time it looked awesome and it was just amazing and sad and scary at the same time. I'm still a heartbroken Viserion died and seeing him as the Night King's mount is a gut punch. I can't imagine how Dany will feel or what this will mean for Drogon and Rheagal in the war to come. 

The Wall is officially breached and the dead have crossed  ...Winter is Here and it's going to be an incredibly long wait to see how this show ends!