Saturday, September 30, 2017

Goodbye My Sweet Moot

For over 10 years I had a constant companion by my side. I can still remember the day I saw his sweet face for the first time, he was the smallest one left and was so cute and tiny, I instantly fell in love with his sweet face and I knew Chris and I were meant to be his humans.

I have so many memories of Moot over the years. I was with him almost every single day ..he slept with me, stole my side of the the sofa ..I’d have to get him to move and then he’d just jump right back up and lay his head on me and nap. Especially during bad weather, he had to be by my side and as close to me as I would allow. He didn’t realize his size would crush me. He loved us and hated being away from us for any length of time. Every time I left the house I would worry about him at home, but he’d always  be in the window waiting for us as we got home.

When he was younger he always expected us to bring him back a toy and would go through all the shopping bags until he found his, he always knew exactly which one was his and never touched any of the others. Majority of the time he’d only play with his toy for 10 mins until he got tired of it, but he always loved getting new ones.

There was nothing more adorable than his sweet face begging for a snack and I  always caved and gave him his dog treats, sometimes he’d convince me to give him three in a row lol he knew how to guilt me. He was my baby. My big man, it’s impossible to type out all the memories, but I’ll never forget them. I’m thankful for  the 10 + years I had with him.

He had to be put to sleep this morning. Watching him slowly pass away had me mostly in denial ..he had days before where he wouldn’t feel good , but he always bounced back and would be back to his old self the next day, but this time he fell asleep and never opened his eyes again. He was still breathing, but he was gone. It hurts so much. I’m going to miss him so bad. I already miss him and can’t even imagine what a day or week will be like without him’s so unfair how short their lives are compared to ours.

Moot Maximus 
December 22, 2006 - September 30, 2017